World Record

A postal 100-metre race for 5-8 players by John Walker.

The game is split into three parts


On the first turn each player chooses a number between 0-10. If a player picks a number 2 higher than everybody else, they false start. Two false starts means disqualification. NMR's play 4. When the race starts any player who selects a number less than the highest starts 25 thousandths of a second behind for each number less than the highest selected.


The next round each player must choose a number between 25 and 35 (NMR=25). This number is known as the P.U. Positions run from lowest to highest e.g if 25, 26 & 35 were chosen the player choosing the 25 PU would be first. The first placed PU will have the slowest 30 metre time. The second placed PU will have the quickest i.e 3.2 seconds. Time for 30 metres is calculated as per the following table:

2nd 3.2
3rd 3.23
4th etc. 3.26+
1st 3.29+

Any penalties for a slow start are added to this time
The 10 metre time is calculated thus: 0.9+(99-P.U.)/1000
The 40 metre time is then calculated by adding the 10 and 30 metre times.


The last turn consists of picking one of the following options

a. RELAX - 10 metre time reduces by 1 hundredth of a second for the rest of the race.

b. BURST AT x METRES - 10 metre time is reduced by 1 second/metres left. This calculation will continue every 10 metres so long as someone is overtaken in every 10-metre block. If not 10 metre time is increased by 3 hundredths every 10 metres. (x must divide by 10)

c. RESPOND - 10 metre time is increased by 15 thousandths. If overtaken you change to BURST with no requirement to overtake every 10 metres.

d. RESERVE UNTIL x METRES - 10 metre time increases by 2 hundredths, until you reach x metres when it reduces 3 hundredths for each 10 metre block held in reserve. E.g Reserve until 70 metres. (x must divide by 10)

NMR's are treated as option a.

Other tactics may be suggested but must be ratified by the W.P.W.R.O. (John Walker).

Every time someone is overtaken their 10 metre time is increased by 1 hundredth.