Work, Rest and Play

A Postal Game for 3 players, by Allan Stagg 1999


Each player decides the percentage of their time they will allocate to Work, Rest and Play over seven days. The player who spends the greatest percentage of his time in a particular activity each day gains a credit for that activity. At the end of the week, the player with the best mix of credits wins the game.


The game will be played over 7 turns, each representing a day.

For each day, each player must decide what percentage of their time will be allocated to Work, Rest and Play. More time must be allocated to Work then to Rest or Play, and more time must be allocated to Rest than to Play. At least 1% must be allocated to Play. Legal allocations include 97-2-1, 60-30-10 and 35-33-32. Illegal allocations would include 34-33-33, 99-1-0, and 50-30-25.

For each activity, the GM will give 1 credit to the player who has allocated the greatest amount of time to that activity. These credits are specific to that activity, so over the course of the week players will gain Work credits, Rest credits and Play credits.

If two players allocate the same amount of time for an activity, the player who allocated the smaller amount of time for that activity on the previous day will gain the credit. If this does not break the tie, go back to the day before that. If it is the first day, or both players have allocated the same amount of time to that activity on each of the preceding days, then the credits will be awarded to the players as follows:

Work - player A then B, Rest - Player B then C, Play - Player C then A


The winner of the game will be found by multiplying a player's Work credits, Rest credits and Play credits together (e.g. 3x2x2 = 12, 5x2x1 = 10 etc.) The player with the highest total has spent his time during the a week in the best way, and is awarded a Mars Bar!