Shadow Hunters

shadow hunters characters

Shadow Hunters is a game designed by Yasutaka Ikeda and published by Z-Man Games. The postal version is for 5-8 players.


Each player is assigned a random character as per the F2F rules
5 players = 2 Hunters, 2 Shadows, 1 Neutral
6 players = 2 Hunters, 2 Shadows, 2 Neutral
7 players = 2 Hunters, 2 Shadows, 3 Neutral (no Bob)
8 players = 3 Hunters, 3 Shadows, 2 Neutral (no Bob)

For the postal game, Agnes should be removed, unless the GM is willing to assign and keep track of seating positions. Similarly including David means maintaining discard piles (for the Variable Pig game I am omitting both characters). Each player is sent a picture of their character but does not know the identity of any of the others. The board layout (which area cards are where) is determined randomly and recorded (e.g. a photo that appears in each turn report).

At the start each player is moved to a random location and this is reported in the zine. For the first turn only there is no option to ignore the area card, and players on the Underworld Gate automatically get a Hermit card. The black and white equipment cards take effect and are reported publicly. Hermit cards and movement rolls are sent privately to each player.


Conditionals - Each player should establish or modify any standing conditional orders here. This might include things like "do not take a card at the cemetery".

Area effects - if a player has a hermit card, he must choose a player to play it on. For the Weird Woods and Erstwhile Altar, victims must be chosen.

Attacks - optionally attack any player in the same region (Area 1+2, 3+4, 5+6) unless otherwise indicated by an equipment card or special power. Conditionals are likely here, for example depending on the result of a hermit card.

Reveal Identity? - Unless otherwise stated (e.g. the Werewolf) identities are normally revealed at the "start" of a turn, which in the postal game is this point.

Special Attacks - those with a revealed identity may be able to make a special attack.

Movement - should there be any choices for the player (such as which card to take from the Underworld Gate, or if the player has his pick of two throws) this should be stated here, else random.

NMR - all choices random. Player will not action hermit cards but will action black or white cards. No attack will take place and identity will not be revealed. Standing conditionals may override.

Turn Report

The results of the orders are reported in the zine, together with the new locations. Equipment cards drawn in the new round are also reported publicly (unless the player has opted not to draw). Players are informed privately of any hermit card they have and their movement roll(s). They are also informed of what was on any hermit cards given to them last round (other players will only know the outcome, e.g. 1 damage point taken).


The GM has scans of all the cards. There is one of each except for:
Hermit - Anger (2), Blackmail (2), Greed (2), Slap (2)
Black - Moody Goblin (2), Vampire Bat (3)
White - Holy Water of Healing (2)


Can occur at any time and there can be multiple winners.