Rock Paper Scissors


You are cordially invited to the celebrity world championships of the complicated game of rock paper scissors. For anyone who is not familiar with the game, two players simultaneously pick either rock, paper or scissors. Rock wins against scissors; paper wins against rock; and scissors wins against paper.


In the postal game, players may also acquire the following superior items in each category:

If someone selected Diamond it would beat Topaz and rock, but still lose against paper.

If two players select the same item, the lowest number drawn player wins. 1 being the best.

The following celebrities have made it through to the current round. They are listed showing their draw position. If there is an item after their name, and you win the contest, you win the prize. This can be used as a selection in any subsequent round.

No.PlayerPrizeQuarter Final Prize
2Andrew Flintoff
4Jake Shears
6Lord BeaverbrookBumf
8Emma StoneObsidian
10Jim BowieHattori Hanzo
14Dwane Johnson TopazDiamond
16Jay Blades Sting Excalibur

The Play

At game start, players need to select where they want to be placed in the draw, rather like the start of a Railway Rivals game. They should supply a preference list of odd numbers from 1 to 15. If there are not enough players to fill all the slots, some lucky players will get a second entrant.

For each round thereafter, surviving players choose rock paper or scissors, or improved versions thereof if owned, against their opponent who is their nearest neighbour, 1 plays 2, 3 plays 4 etc. The loser is eliminated.

by John Walker 2022