Racecraft is a postal simulation of a middle distance track race by John Walker.

The game if for 5-8 players vying to get in the best position with enough energy left for the final sprint.

It is usually run over 5 turns, and each player starts with 10 energy points (EP).

On the first turn players tell the GM how many EP points they want to use. Players are then positioned according to how much energy they have used.

For example:

As Seb and Steve used the same EP they share the position. So, Kelly will be deemed to be in third place and Roger in first.

On turns 2 to 5 players have the option of using either A, B or C.

  1. Use EPs - a player will overtake the player(s) in the position ahead of them if they have used a greater number of EPs. A player cannot use more EPs than they currently have.
  2. Cruise - the players EP score will be equal to the average of all the EPs played. i.e. if the other players opted for 0, 2, 3 EP, the cruise EP would be (0+2+3) / 3 = 1.6. This amount is not deducted from the players EP total. If their EP is below 10 they gain an EP.
  3. Overtake - the player automatically overtakes the player(s) in the position ahead of them. These will be processed from last to first place order. This play costs the player 1 EP, they would not be able to play this if their EP total is at 0. The 1 EP used would count in any cruise average calculation.

1 EP is then added to the players in 2nd and 3rd place, 1 EP is deducted from the players in first and last place. Unless this would take players above 10 or below 0 EPs.

On the fifth turn, each players remaining EPs are used for the final sprint. Players will overtake if they are using more EPs than the player(s) in the position ahead. A player can only gain 1 position each turn, although they may overtake more than one player if they happen to be sharing the position.

In the event of an NMR half the remaining EPs (rounded down) will be selected.