You have been queuing for hours to pass the Queen's coffin to pay your respects. You have reached the entrance to Westminster Hall, when you see the two TV celebrities Holly and Phil ushered in front of you. All other thoughts leave you and your only aim is to get ahead of them in the queue.


The incident cards are shuffled and laid out in order face up at the beginning of the game and remain in that order for the rest of the game.

Holly and Phil start in position 10 in the queue. Players start at the entrance which is 10 places behind Holly and Phil. NPC queuers form the rest of the line and will be named by the GM.

The Play

Each turn you have the option of
(a) playing a number [i.e., positive integer limited to the number of players in the game]
(b) selecting one of the Incident Cards

The GM then adjudicates the Turn as follows:
a. The player selecting the lowest unique number (if any) jumps that many places ahead in the queue. So, if on space 20 and you play 5 as lowest unique number, you would move ahead of whoever is occupying space 15. Everyone behind space 15 moves back one space.
b. Any Incident Card is now adjudicated.
c. The player or NPC now in position 1 (at the head of the queue) pays their respects and quietly leaves the building. All other players and NPCs then also automatically move up one place each.

Example Showing Place Changes:

  1. Anne
  2. Bill
  3. Carol
  4. Dave
  5. Emma

If Dave advances one space...

  1. Anne
  2. Bill
  3. Dave
  4. Carol
  5. Emma

Incident Cards

  1. Royal Family On Guard Duty: You advance one place, unless more than one player has opted for this card, in which case all players opting for this card drop back one place.
  2. David Icke Appears: He demands that the catafalque is opened to show that the Queen is in fact an alien lizard. If choosing this card, you may also play a number. The player who played the lowest unique number jumps 2 places (rather than the value of the number itself).
  3. Crets Caught Watching On TV: The two positions in the queue directly ahead of Phil and Holly faint in shock or horror and after treatment re-join the queue at the entrance. (Position 20)
  4. David Beckham Enters The Hall: You take advantage of the distraction and move ahead half the number of spaces (rounded up) of the lowest unique number played.
  5. A Corgi Poops: Right in front of Holly and Phil, they move back two places this round. You may also play a number.
  6. A Guardsman Faints: You jump ahead the same number of spaces as did the player with the lowest unique number, unless more than one person selected this card.
  7. We Buy Any Car Ringtone Suddenly Breaks The Silence: Phil and Holly lose a place as an embarrassed Phil fiddles in his pocket to turn it off. You also gain one place if you are the only person selecting this card.
  8. Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Shed Crocodile Tears: You gain one more place than the player with the lowest unique number as people get distracted by the Netflix documentary cameras.
  9. Rival In Queue Requires Medical Treatment: This must be played against another named player. That player needs treatment by paramedics and loses 3 places.

Only one card can be used each turn, if players opt for two different cards, only the lowest number card will be processed. Once a card has been played it is removed from the game. Two or more players may select the same card.

The winner will be the first player to pay their respects at position 1 in the queue. If Phil and Holly get there first, they win.