A 5000 metre race where you have to employ the best strategy to conserve your stamina.


Each runner starts with 60 stamina points. There can be any number of runners.

Game Mechanics

The game is split into 5 x 1000 metre sections. A standard 1k will take 5 minutes. This time is adjusted by the number of stamina points played, strategy employed and game events. Each stamina point used deducts 1 second from the standard time.

Each turn you can play any amount of your remaining stamina or can opt for one of the following strategies:

If any option fails (i.e. insufficient stamina points), it will not be used and you would then run a 5-minute 1k.

You cannot play the same strategy twice in a row.

NMR rule, D6 is rolled

  1. you play D6 stamina points
  2. you play 2xD6 stamina points
  3. you roll another D6 which is added to your 5-minute pace, e.g. a roll of 5 means a 5.05 1k.
  4. you play relax
  5. you play track, tracking the closest runner to you with the most stamina points
  6. you play target, targeting the runner furthest away within 15 seconds, with the most stamina points.

After the fourth 1000 metres, the last 1000 will be run using all of your remaining stamina points.

by John Walker 2022