Let's Play Darts


The game is for two players, who compete in a standard game where they must reduce their score to zero. They start on 501 and finish on a double.

Set Up

Each player starts with 8 triples, 2 bullseyes, 1 concentration and 6 accuracy counters.

Determine First Thrower

On the first turn, players bid a number between 0 and 180 to determine who throws first. If the numbers are equal the GM flips a coin to determine who's bid is deemed to be the higher.

The higher bid is used as the opponent's first throw score, and the game proceeds with the higher bidder's darts being thrown first in each postal turn.

Example: Andy bids 40 and Bobby bids 100. Andy is credited with 100, reducing his score to 401, and Bobby throws first for the rest of the game.

Player Orders

Each turn, players tell the GM where they are aiming their three darts, they also play three accuracy counters for their opponent. When a player has reached a score of below 171, they may send conditional orders or halt their turn after one or two darts have been thrown.

On the first turn players will not know if they are throwing first or second, and are permitted to supply two sets of orders if they wish.

Accuracy Counters

These are 1=clockwise, 2=anti-clockwise, 3=outward, 4=inward and two 5 & 6=no adjustment. These are refreshed every third turn.

Concentration Counter

Along with their throw a player may opt to play a concentration counter. This counteracts a clockwise/anti clockwise counter. This counter is refreshed after every six darts a player has thrown. There is no requirement to play this counter and runs out after six darts. So, you can only ever have one concentration counter.


The GM will adjust each player's throw according to the accuracy counter i.e. if a player has aimed for a triple twenty and their opponent has selected accuracy counter 1 (clockwise) the dart will land in a triple one.

Special Rules

Players have unlimited doubles; they may also select their aim to be above the double. If this is combined with an inward accuracy adjustment the dart will go in the double.

In the event that a player aims for an outer bull, the accuracy adjustments will be as follows:


This will show the results of the last darts thrown, the remaining accuracy counters, triples and bullseyes, along with any remaining concentration counters.


Players may select a nickname for themselves and some walk on music.

Example Orders

Aim for three triple twenties, play accuracy counters 1, 2 and 3.

by John Walker 2021