Crystal Ball

1. This postal game takes place over the course of a calendar year. Towards the end of one year the GM makes a list of sporting events taking place in the next.

2. Any number of players can play by predicting all of the events prior to a specified deadline. The GM, if he wants to play too, must do his predictions in advance so they are published with the list of events.

3. A turn report with the latest scores is printed in the zine during the course of the year. Up to three times during the game a player may change one of his predictions. First time this is free but second or third the cost is one point deducted from his total (can go into "debt"). Changes can only be made to events that the GM has not "locked" (usually because they are close to resolution). The turn report will indicate which events are eligible.

4. Scoring is 2 points for a correct prediction, and 1 point for a near miss. For events where the outright winner is predicted, the second place team or competitor scores 1 point. For numeric predictions, such as number of medals won, the GM specifies a range (e.g. plus or minus one) that scores a point. The GM should also specify a tie-breaker such as "UK HPI October 2017 average house price" (about £225,000).

5. There are no restrictions on research for this game.

Example Game Report (2017):

Sport Event Mon Alf (GM) Bert Colin Derek
Rugby Union 6 Nations [ 1st England, 2nd Ireland] Mar England (2) England (2) England (2) England (2)
Snow Boarding World champs - Men's Parallel Giant Slalom [1st Prom egger, 2nd Karl] Mar Benjamin Karl (1) Andrey Sobolev Radoslav Yankov Andreas Prom egger (2)
Golf US Masters [1st Sergio Garcia, 2nd Justin Rose] Apr Jason Day Hideki Matsu yama Jordan Speith Justin Thomas
Athletics London Marathon (Elite, men) [1st Wanjiru, 2nd Bekele] Apr Sir Mo Farah Mo Farah Kenenisa Bekele (1) Eliud Kipchoge
Athletics London Marathon (Elite, women) [1st Keitany, 2nd Dibaba] Apr Jemima Sum gong Tigist Tufa Jemima Sum gong Tirfi Tsegaye
Football (soccer) (English) FA Cup [1st Arsenal, 2nd Chelsea] May Man. United Chelsea (1) Man City Man City
Football (soccer) (English) Premier League [1st Chelsea, 2nd Spurs] May Chelsea (2) Chelsea (2) Chelsea (2) Chelsea (2)
Table Tennis World champs - Men's singles [1st Long MA 2nd Zhen dong Fan] June Zang Jike Zhen dong Fan (1)

Long MA (2) Liu Shiwen
Formula 1 British Grand Prix (winning driver) [1st Hamilton 2nd Bottas] July Lewis Hamilton (2) Lewis Hamilton (2) Lewis Hamilton (2) Valterri Bottas (1)
Cycling Tour De France (overall winner) [1st Chris Froome] July Chris Froome (2) Chris Froome (2) Chris Froome (2) Chris Froome (2)
Cricket No. of test matches won by England v South Africa [3] Aug 3 (2) 2 (1) 2 (1) 4 (1)
[L] Rowing World champs - GB total medals Sept 4 5 4 3
[L] Baseball World Series Oct Chicago Cubs Boston Red Sox Chicago Cubs Boston Red Sox
Tennis ATP World Final (singles) Nov Andy Murray Novak Djokovic Novak Djokovic Novak Djokovic
Tie Breaker Donald Trump Gallup Approval Rating Dec 43% 37% 41% 29%
SCORE 11 11 12 10