by John Walker (adapted from Non-League Connections by Martin Burroughs).

The GM provides two words, numbers or phrases each turn in 8 different categories. The players have to guess what the connection is. E.g. Queue Eye, the answer being words that sound like letters.

The game lasts for 6 turns, therefore on turn 6, twelve words will be displayed in all 8 categories. All correct guesses in turn 1 score 6 points, on turn 2 score 5 points and so on.

The guesses remain secret but the GM will report if is correct, incorrect or nearly correct. The game is best played on an all-reader basis (anyone can join in any time).

For a longer game, there's...

Rolling Variant

The game starts with two (or more) categories, then two more are added each round, so the game can be any length.

For example, with two initial categories, at the start of turn 3, categories 1 and 2 have 6 words showing and are worth 4 points each. Categories 3 and 4 have 4 words showing and are worth 5 points, and categories 5 and 6 have 2 words showing and are worth 6 points each.

For a shorter game, there's...

4 By 4 Celebrity Variant

By Richard Smith 2014. At the start of the game there are four connections to get. Each connection consists of four famous people (dead or alive) and the first two are revealed at the start. Correctly identifying the connection at this point is worth 3 points.


1.1 Graham Chapman2.1 John McEnroe3.1 Samantha Janus4.1 Charles Grant
1.2 Alanis Morrisette2.2 Alexi Lalas3.2 Michael Ball4.2 Steve Jackson
1.3 TBA2.3 TBA3.3 TBA4.3 TBA
1.4 TBA2.4 TBA4.4 TBA4.4 TBA

There are only two more rounds: In round two the third celeb in each group is revealed and 2 points are scored for getting the connection. In the third an final round when all celebs are revealed each connection is work 1 point.