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Booklet Printing

Variable Pig issues are A4 PDFs with a divisible-by-four page count, ideal for printing the zine as an A5 booklet (2 pages on each side of each sheet). Whether or not your printer natively supports booklet mode, you can do this using the free Acrobat Reader DC program.

Follow the instructions for Reader X

See also the screenshot below:

Note that Acrobat Reader downscales the print size slighlty (about 96%) in booklet mode.

It is possible to booklet print from your browser, but only if your printer supports it natively - for example in Chrome click on "print using system dialog" as shown below.

Single Page Printing

Pretty straightforward to choose just the page(s) you want in the dialog.

There are a couple of scaling issues with Acrobat:

  1. "Fit" or "Shrink oversized pages" will scale the document to 96% (might be due to fixed margins or page size rounding? see screen shot), whilst "Actual size" scales to 100%.
  2. "Choose paper source by PDF page size" should not be checked if you are in the USA using a "Letter" sized printer. Instead you should select the "Fit" option to optimally scale and position the A4 zine page.