variable pig logoWesteros Rivals Map

Date: Designer(s): Drawn With:
2022 Richard Smith, Bob Gingell RivalsGIMP

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This is a reasonably accurate map of Westeros, the continent where most of the action in George RR Martin's Game of Thrones takes place.

Many possible towns have been omitted as there are way more than 36 to choose from. Half-towns have been used to ameliorate this.

Playability is always paramount and with this in mind, currently the map is set up for a 4-player game only, although it should probably also work with 3 or 5 with the right start towns. Special rules exists for ships and (of course) dragons!

As with quite a few other recent maps, half images are available for those without access to an A3 printer (sellotape required).

Note that there are two games running in Variable Pig at the momenet, and one of them is testing out alternative starts of 2 at Oldtown and 2 at Winterfell. See in-game maps on home page.