variable pig logoDenmark Rivals Map

Date: Designer(s): Drawn With:
2001 Peter Robbins Cyberboard

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Bridges are free to run on as these have already been built by the Government and there are no parallel building costs for building over a bridge other than connection fees for the hexes at the start and end of the bridge.

Ferries cost 6 to buy and can only be owned by one player - buying a ferry must be included in your orders. Others can pay 5 to use the ferry both for the building phases and also during racing. If two or more players attempt to buy a ferry at the same time, then the ferry (and costs) shared. For building purposes, players do not have to use pips from the die roll to continue building from the other side of the ferry.

For example, a player may order a build R13 - Korsar *buy ferry to Nyborg* - Nyborg - Odense with a build cost of 5.

For racing, the full track length of the ferry applies, with an additional cost of 1 to embark and 1 to disembark. For example, a total of 5 is needed for the race from Fredrickshavn (14) to Laeso (61) - 3 for the ferry length and 1 each for embarkation and disembarkation.

The Kobenhavn ferry to Bornholm is a is a 1 hex ferry (i.e. to the hex with the 66 in it) and the ferry is public so all players may use it without payment but normal race rules apply.